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Here are some of my news stories. To seeĀ a story, please click on the underlined link.

Joel Katz: The Katz who swallowed the canary

Con artists and cryptomorphs: A case for believing in Bigfoot, Nessie, and all their weird kin

Atlantas_Combat_Zone_Aug_23_2009. Despite millions in public investment, English Avenue and Vine City battle heroin, hookers, and “ghost” landlords.

Erasing_the_Eagle_Oct_17_2010. Judge: Evidence in lawsuit against City of Atlanta missing or destroyed.

Growing_Up_the_Hard_Way_May_10_2009. More serious offenses, too many offenders and too few mentors.

Cease_Fire_Oct_10_2010. What can Atlanta learn from Cincinnati about stopping gang violence?

After_Pennington_Nov_15_2009. Experts familiar with Atlanta’s departing chief of police say the city should audit its crime reports.

Badges_Bullets_and_Broken_Promises_May_17_2009. Five Atlanta Police officers wounded in the line of duty say the city withholds medical care they desperately need.

Serving Time for Mental Illness, Aug. 9, 2009. Part 1 of series. The police and jailers are their care providers. The taxpayers pick up the tab.

Dangerously Ill, Aug. 16, 2009. Part 2 of series. The impact of the mentally ill on Gwinnett County’s justice system.

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