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Stephanie Ramage, founder and owner of SRPR

Why swans? And why is “graceful communication for nerds” important enough to make it the key message for my brand?

First, the swans.

I’ve loved them since I read The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White when I was kid. More than just beautiful creatures, their legendary grace is the result of their extraordinary strength. Just as gifted athletes build strength to achieve speed and agility, swans use what they’re born with to fly thousands of miles through all kinds of weather to accomplish their goals.

Swans aren’t afraid to show their strength. They aren’t aggressive but they are outspoken, and they’ll fight if threatened.

Nerds? I’ve always been a nerd. Chess club. Dungeons-and-dragons. My high school years were marked by awkwardness and smart, fascinating friends.

I love data, details, and getting the language just right; not only choosing the accurate word, but choosing the word with the right patina, the right provenance, to evoke a feeling.

Over the years, I’ve met so many brilliant people, nerds if you like, who needed to tell their stories, and I have had the great honor of doing just that for them.

Seeing them spread their wings and soar has been a bit like watching ducklings become those glorious swans.

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