Whoever this driver is, he apparently thought he was too important to abide by the law or stop when an Atlanta Police officer told him to. The APD released video footage today of a Jan. 31 hit-and-run at Lenox Mall in hopes that the public can help catch the guy who drove off after an officer tried to ticket him for illegal parking, then hit the APD car (you’ll notice a little shakeup to the camera after the Corvette comes toward the APD car on the right, after they’re out on the street) and fled.
Here’s the video:

If anyone has any information on the driver or the vehicle, please have them contact the Atlanta Police Hit & Run Unit at 404-765-2808.

According to a statement by APD: An Atlanta Police Officer was patrolling around Lenox Mall.  The officer noticed a vehicle parked in the fire lane & pulled behind the vehicle to investigate.  When the officer exited his vehicle, the driver of the Corvette came out of the mall.  The officer attempted to ascertain why the driver was parked there but the driver got in the vehicle, locked the door & left the parking lot.  The officer began to follow the vehicle but lost sight of it once he got to the entrance of the parking deck.  The Corvette then reappeared, struck the sidewalk & then struck the officer’s vehicle & fled the location.


  1. Are you kidding me??????????
    Dont know the officer, don’t care. How do you let someone just disregard you like that then let him dissapear? This is just a big F U from the perp.
    Wake up Atlanta, this is why crime is up, perps are running wild and officers are getting hurt and killed.
    Then you have to ask for help in finding this guy. Pa-lease…….what an embarrassment.

  2. Dont worry, the guy will come forward, make a complaint about the officer being rude. Then the Chief will call him and say that the officer will be suspended while they conduct an investigation. After which, the officer will have to issue a written apology for attempting to ticket the guy, then ALL officers will have to go through sensitivity training, and the city will pay for the damage to the idiot’s car. Sound about right?

  3. @Citizen, sadly it does. And I gree with S that this is a big “F U” to the police. I don’t understand why more people aren’t worried about finding this guy. Are they watching this video all the way through? This perp is very likely dangerous.
    #1- He blatantly parked in a fire lane, which most of us wouldn’t do on the worst parking day of our lives. Most people have an automatic understanding that a fire lane is there in case something horrible happens and the firefighters need to come in.
    #2- He very arrogantly ignores the police officer as if he’s some panhandler.
    #3-He not only flees, but actually does a U-turn on Lenox Road to come back and hit the officer’s car before then backing up, turning around and taking off.

    I will lay money that this guy is the subject of at least one active warrant or is otherwise connected to serious crime. Why else would he use such aggressive means to avoid handing over his ID? Also, he clearly has no respect for the law which means he’s probably already been in and out of the big house a few times. The APD needs to find this guy. My question is, was there no tag number? Why couldn’t APD just run the tag number?

  4. Stephanie

    You need to be covering the Atlanta Public School system. I get the feeling there are more laws being broke there than any other department in the city. I also think Ms. Hall is the ringleader!

    Richard Brown

    PS Ya still collecting National Geeorgaphics?

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