The City of Atlanta’s Department of Public Works oversees the city’s much-hated parking enforcement contract with private company PARKAtlanta.
Yet, Department of Public Works employees brazenly park illegally right outside City Hall every day of the week in spaces that are supposed to be reserved for the media.
They were there again today as these photos show, parked at the intersection of Washington Street and Trinity Avenue.  (Their tag numbers are shown in the photos on this page.)


    1. Yes, it is, Nick. And yes, you can. The idea is to safeguard the public’s right to know.
      There are only about three spaces reserved for media at City Hall. Making sure media has a place helps make it little easier for us to carry out the responsibility of covering meetings and reporting on them for the taxpayers and voters. I could probably count the number of times I’ve seen media vehicles actually parked there on my hands bc there are always city vehicles there instead. I know DPW aren’t the only ones who do it. I’ve seen cops do it and firefighters. But it’s especially bad when the department that’s intertwined itself with PARKAtlanta does it. Regardless of who’s doing it, when people see city vehicles disregarding the city’s own signage and then they come out to their cars to find a PARKAtlanta ticket that’s going to cost them $50, it’s feels a lot like living in a feudal state where royalty and their staff get to do as they please and the rest of us have to put up with whatever they dish out.

      1. Except that I see media just park where-ever they want anyway, on the sidewalk, blocking pedestrian traffic, obstructing the view of other motorist. I think everyone is at fualt for this.. but the Irony is neat. The parking debate and illegal parking outside. It’s comical. The reality is that Atlantan’s are angry that parking restrictions that have been in place for years are actually being enforced

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