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  1. Stephanie is a friend of mine as well as my editor. She’s a smart journalist who isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. I hope she thrives here.

  2. I’m a friend of Thom H. who told me about your work and I am glad he did. Thank you for your dedication. The public needs your insights and investigative reporting. I, too, hope you thrive here.

  3. I finally was able to see some of your work on the new site. I hope you thrive and prosper! Hoping some advertisers step up to support an alternative voice to the AJC!

  4. The only reason I ever read the Sunday Paper was for the reporting of Ramage. Thanks for the website and my Ramage fix.

  5. Hey folks,

    I know I haven’t blogged at all today, sorry. After yesterday’s depressing burst of activity, I was pretty tired. Still am. Maybe it’s the weather. Hate the cold. Thanks for your patience and kindness, as always. — very best, Steph

  6. Thank you Stephanie for all you did for the Atlanta Police in the Sunday Paper. I only read the Sunday Paper for your articles, and now I will never read it again. I know you said you have trouble with the computer, but if you could you should set up a paypal link so people can make donations to this site.

  7. Steffi,
    Your Ramage Report is so eye-appealing. Clean, well laid-out format with plenty of space between lines which makes it so easy to read! This revelation (my ah-ha moment) of the importance of spacing between lines makes me aware now of the cause of my difficulty in reading has been the lack of adequate spacing between lines! Please keep this format. Congratulations on being able to create such a great look i so short a time. The wide-angle shot of the atrium in City Hall is terrific.

  8. Hello Stephanie.
    I read the Sunday Paper for your articles and I will be here often to read everything you publish. Thanks for fighting the good fight.


  9. So sad to see it all go down like this, but it looks like being an independent journalist could prove to be very lucrative. Just don’t commit business suicide by trading your dreams for a bunch of f-ing coupons and meaningless bullshit. Keep on keepin on.

  10. Finally got around to reading the 1/15 SP and was floored to discover no more Stephanie Ramage. That sucks. Your reporting was the only reason for picking up that rag. Best of luck in your new venture. You are a sharp lady and a great reporter. You deserve the best.

  11. I agree with Bob. I’ll probably never read the Sunday Paper again… no reason to.
    Just read Cynthia Tucker’s item and nearly puked. Jesus. Why can’tcha get any good journalism in the mainstream? George Will? Krauthammer? Is that it?
    Good luck. People who think, love you and appreciate what you do. Hang in.

  12. The Sunday Paper didn’t survive long without you. The issue dated Feb. 6-12, 2011, is the last! Good to see you on the web.

  13. I am new to MS. Ramage- but she reminds me of a hard nosed blond who was a guest on The Georgia Gang two Augusts ago… If it WAS Ms. Ramage (I hope it was), you have great future here- and on TV.

    BTW, government misconduct is not limited to Atlanta- will there be stories about suburban government(s)?

    Good luck!

    1. That was me, but the term “hard nosed” doesn’t sound awfully attractive. Makes me sound like Patton or, worse, George C. Scott as Patton. Both great guys, but I’m a woman.
      There will be stories about suburban governments if my reads tip me off to them. I don’t, as a matter of course, cover suburban governments. The City of Atlanta takes up my time, but if there’s a compelling reason to do a story on a suburban government, I will. Thanks for reading! — Very best, Steph

  14. Lots going on with Fulton County BOC …. follow the money. Will be Atlanta-Fulton one day in the not too distant future. Citizens north are disgusted with the mismanagement. Under current Republican legislators view Milton County has best chance of establishment. Some consider Fulton in better ‘governing’ shape than Atlanta. All connected to Atlanta.

  15. The “new” Milton County will happen, perhaps not this year, but soon. That will remove the major funding source from Fulton County.
    Fulton County might be more easily governed than Atlanta because the present institutionalized bureaucracy and corruption in Fulton has not been in place as long as in Atlanta.
    I read that another proposed City/County merger (Dalton/Whitfield County) will go to the voters in November 2012. This will probably include consolidation of two school systems.

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